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These are a sampling of some of the work I’ve done in college and graduate school. Many times I had some very wonderful partners, so I’ll give them credit where deserved. Projects & Papers fall under the following Creative Commons License:
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Senior Project: Replacement Website for Moodle at Croswell Lexington Middle School
This was my senior project for my IT degree. I worked with a partner, Ammon Horn. The teachers were really excited, but the IT staff was not. It currently isn’t in use.

Cherry Hill Village Communication Project: SI 501-Contextual Inquiry and Project Management

A group project in which we studied the communication layout of the Cherry Hill Village and suggested alternatives to the current set up. To see the final PowerPoint (created by me), click here.

Design of Complex Websites: My Website
This website was created according to the specifications of assignments for my Complex Websites class. This was done using HTML and CSS. We also used the Google App Engine and Python to make the website more robust, but unforeunately, I can’t post that without Google App Engine running. This is the scaled down version. The final version had a working survey and a chat program (using AJAX).

Booktalk: Alanna, First Adventure

This is my book talk podcast for SI624 (Media for Children and Young Adults). It’s about Alanna: First Adventure by Tamora Pierce.

Budget Proposal Group Project

This was written for SI 626: Library Management by a group of five students (including myself). We had to set a budget for a library facing cuts, which is very relevant the the current situations in most libraries.

Collection Development Policy for Chelsea District Library

This collection development policy was developed for SI 620:Collection Development and Management by Rebbecca Standal, Betsy Eggers, Jennifer Trusty, and myself. The library we chose to work on was the Chelsea District Library, winner of the Best Small Library in America in 2008.


Do Star Wars and Barbie Books Belong in a Library: A Look at the Commercialization of Children’s Books by Samantha Bigger and Christina Weins

This was the final project for SI 624: Media for Children and Young Adults. Kristina and I conducted research through articles and a survey to see how librarians, library students, and non-library affiliated people felt about the perceived commercialization of children’s books.



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