Happy Birthday to the NES!

NES Cake

Happy Birthday NES!

For those of you who don’t know, the 18th was the 25th birthday of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  This was my first console, which I didn’t get until I was around 6, meaning the system had already been out for 7 years.  My mom was the hold out, but after my father was hurt, she gave up.   And look at what it has done.  I now have 3 consoles, 3 portables (if you included my iPhone), and a computer that I built for gaming.  Thank you Nintendo for introducing me to console gaming.  Here are some factoids about the birthday console!

  • The NES, as the western world knows it, was introduced in October of 1985.  In Japan it was released in 1983 as the Family Computer or the Famicon.
  • It is the best selling console of its time, controlling 80 to 90 percent of the market in the US and Japan.
  • It’s credited with revitalizing the video game industry after the crash in 1983.
  • The controller layout has influenced just about every control design since then.
  • In 2009, IGN named the NES the “Singled greatest video game  console in history”.

    Blow-Me Tee

    You can get this from BustedTees for about $20

  • There were at least 7 bundles released in the US.  The most popular was the NES Action Set, which included the console, the NES Zapper, two game controllers and a multicart version of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.
  • Some of the most classic video game franchises got their start or became popular because of theNES.  Here’s just a few: Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Capcom’s Mega Man, Konami’s Castlevania, Square Soft’s Final Fantasy, and Enix’s Dragon Quest.
  • And finally, the famous design flaw that caused cartridge connectors to be particularly susceptible to dirt and dust.  Which led to jokes and t-shirts like this

And finally, my top 5 favorite games!  Not the most popular, but I was like 6/7 at the time I was playing.

  1. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt: I had the console bundle that included these two classics.  I don’t think I ever beat Super Mario Bros.  and I always wanted to shot that damn dog from Duck Hunt.  In this


    Flash version  you can!

  2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: I was a giant Turtles fan, seeing as I owned the Lair, most of the toys, and even had the bedspread and sheet set.  Too bad the live action movies had to ruin the whole  franchise.
  3. Chip’n’ Dale Rescue Rangers:  “Ch-ch-ch-Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers!” Now I have the damn theme song stuck in my head.  Thanks a lot Disney!
  4. The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants: I love The Simpsons to this day and they put out some pretty decent video games.  While my mom stopped me from watching it on tv (my dad would sneak me out of bed to watch it), she didn’t stop me from renting the game at the local video store.
  5. And finally, Tetris.  I don’t know what it was about this game, it’s just a classic.  I normally hate games like it, but it got to me young and I still play it when I’m bored.  The music was pretty catchy, but Brentalfloss’ Tetris with Lyrics is even better.

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